Monday, December 6, 2010

Some nuts on bolts to consider when practising asana

Assuming you have a warm, quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Also you have an empty stomach and you’re of ppotential distractions.
Down to practice. As you get older it's good to warm up slowly, especially so if you live in a northern climate. If you get the body really warm without overdoing it you’ll find the breath and body coordinates and opens up revealing what you need, what could be challenged physically if that’s your bag and what/ how to play with what there is today.

Depends what it is. Look at what is going on in your life. Take a step back. Slow down. Watch. Pick up the practice slowly and listen to your body, watch your inner dialogue. Respect and have compassion

NOTICING ATTENTION LAPSES....watching, witnessing, giving space to allowing thoughts, feelings and any manner of body/mind stuff to express itself. Order and magnitude varies greatly.

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